Eduardo Menendez

I have extensive experience in art and design, with a background in Fine Arts, Music, and an MFA in Design & Technology from Parsons; I am constantly pursuing new challenges in my career. I have 5 years of experience in video, 3 years in motion graphics, 8 years in illustration and infographics, 3 years in performing arts and 7 years in user experience and interaction design, the latter ranging from Academic to Health Care to eCommerce. My current focus is on UX, IxD, and UI, with the goal of defining, structuring, and organizing content and interactions while creating clean layouts that produce compelling experiences. Always aligned on achieving both business and customer goals.


Interaction Design


Information Architecture


User Interface Design



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The UX Complexity: From Teamwork to Team Understanding

by eduAdmin in Art & Design, UX

The below article was posted on blog on March 20th 2017. Being that this is the first UX article I am

El Bodegon de Ulla

by eduAdmin in Art & Design, Media, Music

Many years ago while I was still a dreamer. I made an audiovisual event: El Bodegon de