FLOS Web Store



FLOS USA was in need of building a US based online store.



FLOS which is a high-end design lamp company has its headquarters in Italy and its online presence and design had to be approved by Europe, which have a completely different perception of e-marketing and online stores.

We had different platforms that we used : Custom CMS, NetSuite and Finally BigCommerce.



The solution needed to be approached in phases to introduce in baby steps conversion enhancements on each iteration. This specific design was for NetSuite. We added to the home page a hero area to display Sales or promotions and the 5 main categories of lamps, together with social links.

This solution was at that time unique not only with the CMS but for FLOS itself where they were finally agreeing on integrating it with CRM plan as well as a Trade Program and Design News created in-house.


Interaction Designer, UX Designer